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Nocturnal Wildlife Tours

Alan's nocturnal wildlife spotting
  • Spot rare Tree-kangaroos
  • This is a walking tour
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Nocturnal Wildlife Tours Tours

Nocturnal Wildlife Tours Info

The Nocturnal Spotlighting Tour offers the chance to view the unique Lumholtz's Tree- kangaroo in its natural habitat. Your Naturalist and Guide is Alan Gillanders, specialising in tree kangaroos, birds and nocturnal mammals on the beautiful Cairns Highlands.

This walking tour is conducted on a working dairy farm along farm roads. You will be guided along the edge of type 5b rainforest, which is the preferred habitat of Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo.

Most of this type of rainforest has been cleared for agriculture as it grows on deep, rich volcanic soils and is characterized by a large number of semi-deciduous trees such as the sought after Red Cedar.

The rare Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo is restricted to the uplands of Australia's wet tropics. It is the smallest of the tree-kangaroos. Long powerful forearms and short broad feet allow this kangaroo to live in the rainforest canopy. Males can grow to 10 kilograms, with a 70-centimetre tail that is used for balance. Tree-kangaroos can move their feet independently.

The current average sightings are two Tree-kangaroos, three Green Ringtail Possums and about 10 Coppery Brushtail Possums.

Other animals seen include owls, geckoes, bandicoots, Red-legged Pademelons and bats both large and small.

Let Alan show you Tropical Queensland's unique wildlife first hand. Alan's enthusiasm, knowledge and love of Australian flora and fauna will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Alan has current senior first aid certificate. All permits and insurance are covered.

This tour departs at 7:30pm returning at 9pm.

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