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Wait-A-While Nocturnal Wildlife Tour

Rainforest & Wildlife Experience
  • Afternoon / Evening Tour
  • Birds & Wildlife including Platypus
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Wait-A-While Nocturnal Wildlife Tour Tours

Wait-A-While Nocturnal Wildlife Tour Info


Wait-a-While Rainforest Spotlighting Tours are designed for those who want to enjoy and learn about rainforest life in a small group away from the crowds. 

We include the best of both worlds; several hours of daylight for interpretive rainforest walks and animal spotting and after dark the fun of finding and observing nocturnal wildlife by spot-light.  80% of animals in Australia are nocturnal or more active at night! 

Your tour at a glance:  

  • The Cathedral Fig Tree
  • Lake Barrine
  • Lake Eacham
  • Afternoon tea in a rainforest setting
  • Platypus spotting at dusk
  • Dinner at a country restaurant
  • Night walk around the forest spotlighting

Experience walking through the world's oldest tropical rainforest looking for animals such as wallabies, birds, musky rat kangaroos and Boyd's Forest Dragons while learning about how local Aboriginal tribes use the vegetation to hearl and make remedies to solve everyday common ailments. 

From dusk through to night we will introduce to you some of the world's most unusual animals, including the elusive platypus (90% + Platypus success rate) tree kangaroos, possums, gliders, flying foxes, bandicoots, echidnas, snakes, frogs and many others. 

Departs Cairns around 1.45-2.00pmpm
Departs Northern Beaches approx 1.00-1.15pm
Departs Port Douglas approx 12.15-1230pm
Return to Cairns approx 10.00-10.30pm

Maximum 11 people

The Atherton Tablelands feature lush rainforest, nutrient rich volcanic soils and a remarkable concentration of rare wildlife. By day the area is a birdwatcher's delight and there is also a chance to see the Musky Rat Kangaroo (the smallest and most primitive kangaroo), Boyd's Forest Dragon, and other interesting local endemics. At dusk by the river you have an excellent chance of seeing platypus, the fascinating egg-laying mammal unique to Australia.

After dinner at a country restaurant, you head through the oldest continuously surviving Tropical Rainforest in the world spotlighting, walking quietly along rainforest tracks looking to spot Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo and the, Green Ringtail possums and other unusual mammals found only in this region. You may also see Bandicoots, Pademelon’s, gecko’s, snakes, gliders, frogs and owls.