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Friday, February 04, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Tropical Horizons Tours is re-establishing operations. We put in place steps to protect the vehicle stock and the office and both were protected. We seem to have been fortunate to come out of this event ok. Our concern goes to those that have endured major damage and hope that they are able to return to business operations as soon as possible.
We are sorry there were not able to offer touring operations today (Friday February 4th) as there were too many issues with roads and also with the operators that we visit on tour. From tomorrow Saturday February 5th we will be operating our Cape Tribulation tour (i.e. Tour 3). The road to Cape Tribulation is being cleared today for effective full access so we will operate this tour.

Kuranda tours will commence in part operations also tomorrow. Skyrail have confirmed they will be running as normal, KSR have announced that they will not be resuming the train until at least Monday February 7th.  Our tour 1 Kuranda and Atherton Tablelands will also be operational for coach and Skyrail

Tour 5 Waterfalls and Tour 9 Misty Mountains are still problematic. The Gillies Range is currently closed until further notice and power outage is affecting all the operators we visit on these tours. We will advise shortly the resumption date for these tours.

I summary we are hopeful your respective business resumes quickly to normal operations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat continues to expand it’s profile in both the international and domestic tourism markets and without question is now the most significant accommodation provider on the Cairns Highlands.

Following on from two years of continuing to evolve it’s product to meet the ever changing expectations of visitors to Tropical North Queensland, Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat is this year pleased to announce the introduction of a carbon credits program to work in conjunction with it’s long standing reforestation program at Rose Gums.

To date this program has replanted over 20,000 trees at Rose Gums and we now invite guests to leave their own positive footprint on the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland.

The environment and rainforests of Tropical North Queensland continues to be a major draw card for visitors to the region and with Rose Gums substantial sustainable environmental practices, the property will continue to be one of the most significant eco retreats in this part of Australia.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A taste of the tropics at Cairns Airport

Visitors to Cairns Airport Domestic Terminal can get a real taste of the tropics now Skybury Coffee is the exclusive coffee served by HMSHost at its first airport cafe.

The cafe’s fit out draws heavily on the coffee plantation vistas from Skybury’s location on the Great Dividing Range and will serve hundreds of cups of Skybury coffee each day. Skybury Coffee’s Managing Director Ian MacLaughlin, said the airport cafe was an exciting partnership for Skybury and a major aspect in the forward development of the Skybury brand.

Skybury, Australia's oldest coffee plantation is one of Tropical North Queensland's newest tourist attractions on the Atherton Tablelands. The multi-award winning attraction is located 10kms from Mareeba on the Atherton Tableland/Cairns Highlands, approx. 1 hour's drive from Cairns, Cairns International Airport and Port Douglas. Here visitors can taste, tour and take home Australia's purest coffee.

You can choose to self drive or take a day tour which incorporates Kuranda village, the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Kuranda Scenic railway. Please click here  for further details...

Monday, October 05, 2009

One of our cassowary chicks who arrived in June has had a rough start to life!
We came across it one morning in the forest, trying to walk on a broken leg - an injury that would normally prove fatal. But with the help of our local vet, neighbours and the community, its leg and life were saved...

As you know this year Tui came back with 2 chicks however after a few weeks he was only seen with one and we assumed he had lost one as can happen.

About a week later the missing chick was spotted near one of our Treehouses with an severe compound fracture to its leg. Basically the foot was hanging loose and the poor chick was limping around on the bone in extreme pain as you can imagine.

We managed to capture the chick, (somehow keeping his very distressed and agitated dad at bay during the procedure), and it was immediately taken to the local wildlife vet Wendy.

Wendy put in an amazing effort, (a 6 hour operation initially with subsequent back-up operations), including some very advanced orthopaedic surgery to try and save the leg and also donated dozens of hours of her time, her surgery, and all the extremely expensive surgical pins and equipment at no charge.

EPA were informed, and gave their consent for this to take place; (caring and dealing with endangered native species is a very sensitive and highly regulated issue, however no beaurocracy at all for this one just cooperation), and were kept up to speed at all times.

At this stage the chick is doing very well and it is expected to be taken to the cassowary rehab unit at Mission Beach once it is fully recovered in preparation for release back into the wild.

In summary this was a very well organised and successful effort by a number of people and govt agencies to save a very distressed young bird and an outstanding example of cooperation and commitment by all concerned to save one of our endangered animals.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Saddle up and strap yourself in for the ride of a lifetime!

The cattle muster has started at Wrotham Park Lodge, Queenslands most luxurious outback cattle station property.

But be quick! Wrotham Park Lodge will be closing its doors for good on October 30th, 2009 with no plans to reopen. This means there is just a limited amount of time to enjoy this quintessential Australian outback property.

Voyages is offering a special Stay 3/Pay 2 package from just $1,500 per person. The price includes accommodation in a luxury stockmans Quarter, all gourmet meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cattle mustering, a half-day cattle station tour and many activities, including horse riding.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saddle up! Mustering at Wrotham Park

Saddle up and strap yourself in for the ride of a lifetime! The cattle muster has started at Wrotham Park Lodge, Queensland's most luxurious outback cattle station property.

But be quick! Wrotham Park Lodge will be closing its doors at the end of October and will not be reopening, leaving you with a limited amount of time to enjoy this quintessential Australian outback property.

Located in a spectacular setting, 300km west of Cairns, Wrotham Park Lodge encompasses the spirit of the Australian outback combined with a unique resort experience. Departing in the morning, guests will be taken to the centre of the mustering action on the station. Joining the stockmen and women on horseback guests will share the excitement of rounding up the herds of Brahman stock.

Cattle mustering is tailored to each guest and the level of involvement they'd like to have in a real life muster. Alternatively guests can witness all the excitement and action around the stock yards with half-day cattle station tours, horse rides and 4WD adventures.

Voyages is offering a special Stay 3/Pay 2 Package from just $1,500 per person. The price includes accommodation in a luxury stockman's Quarter, all gourmet meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cattle mustering, a half-day cattle station tour and many activities, including horse riding.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kids Stay and Play for FREE!

Wondering what to do with the kids these holidays? Undara would like to offer all children 14 years and under the chance to come out to the famous lava tubes and not pay for any touring or accommodation this July. While mum and dad get to save some money the kids will be amazed by the wildlife and scale of the oldest lava tubes in the world. Just don't tell the kids that they might learn something!

Click here for rates and reservations
Of course you have to prove your age and conditions apply.

Remember its only a 41/2 hour trip from Townsville or 31/2 from Cairns along a fully sealed scenic road: your children's memories will last a lifetime....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby cassowaries at The Canopy Tui returns with two new chicks! 
Tui the cassowary has returned to The Canopy with two baby chicks. Tui calls our rainforest home, and his annual return is always a very special occasion for us. The two new chicks help make up a population of less than 1,500 cassowaries believed to exist in the wild.
The cassowary is a very special bird essential to the biodiversity of the Wet Tropics rainforest, so we are very proud of Tui's efforts to maintain their population.

Tui has been a regular visitor at The Canopy since February 1991. He wandered in as a sub-adult, (probably about 18 months old and brown in colour) and has made this rainforest his primary home ever since. Although he goes walk-about for a few months during the mating season from May to December, he always returns here to bring up his chicks.

Male Cassowaries raise the young with the female leaving as soon as the eggs are laid. The males will sit on the eggs for 50 days and will then care for the chicks for around 10 months.

It is believed Tui heads to the Wooroonoonan National Park region to find his mate and nest, and will walk the newly hatched chicks back to our rainforest as soon as they are strong enough.

Cassowaries have a reputation of being very dangerous and aggressive. Their principle weapon is their large clawed feet that they use in a sideways kicking motion, (it is widely rumoured that Steven Spielberg modelled the Raptor’s claws in Jurassic Park on Cassowary feet), however Cassowaries very rarely attack unprovoked. Tui has never attacked anyone here.

Cassowaries eat fruit, reptiles and small mammals - in fact anything they can find, except red coloured fruit which is often poisonous. They are flightless ground dwellers with males averaging 50 kilos and females 60 kilos. (One female in a wildlife park weighed 80 kilos!). Cassowaries are a keystone species of forests because they eat fallen fruit whole and distribute seeds across the jungle floor via their droppings with a number of rainforest trees dependant on Cassowaries for propagation.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Voyages Wrotham Park Lodge, one of Australia's most authentic and luxurious cattle station properties, is preparing to re-open for guests next month, after the annual five-month tropical wet season.

At Wrotham Park Lodge, 10 luxury stockmen's 'Quarters' perch along the rim of the Mitchell River allowing guests to relax in comfort following a day's horse-riding, mustering, quad-biking or fishing - to name just a few of the activities. At the main Lodge, guests can cool off in the pool, enjoy reading about local history in the comforts of the library and sip on a Pinot Noir whilst dining on world-renowned '1824' premium grade beef.

To celebrate the re-opening, Voyages is offering a NEW! Stay/Pay Deal for a limited time to 30th June '09 only.

3-night package from $3,000* per room, based on two people sharing a room. Included in the package: all meals, a selected range of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and many Lodge activities including cattle mustering (seasonal), a half day cattle station tour and fishing.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No.1 Must Do - Paronella Park!

The results are in and after more than 155,000 votes, Paronella Park at Mena Creek has taken out the race for first position in the RACQ Top 150 must-dos list, organised to celebrate the Sunshine State’s 150th birthday.

Back in 1913 a man called Jose Paronella had a dream of building a fortress with his new bride, in virgin forest alongside Mena Creek. By 1935 his dream had been built – a magnificent castle with grand staircase, lakeside tunnels and bridges, picnic areas and magnificent gardens opened to the public. Over the years the property has seen tragedies, fire and cyclones. But current owners Mark and Judy Evans believe in dreams and once again Paronella Park is open to the public, lovingly restored to be enjoyed both day and night.

Jose Paronella's dream continues today, drawing people into its tranquil and intriguing environment.

"This place really is a dream come true. It is set in a lush tropical wilderness with a fairy tale castle and outbuildings. A real child's paradise, (many a grown-ups too.)" K. Stanley about Paronella Park

Please click here for full tour details to this inspiring attraction.

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